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Three pint-sized supersleuths go undercover in a third grade classroom to track down the mysterious kidnappers of their lovable classroom mascot. Written and perfomed by the kids themselves and directed by their teacher Mr. Van Mustache, with editing by yours truly.

This is the very first thing I did on After Effects. It was for a project called Final Planet, a DVD/comic book thingy. But alas, they are PC guys (as opposed to Mac) and we had to part ways. The good news is that I got started on After Effects and they gave me some cool drawings to practice with for a while. But I must say, not bad for a first try, eh?

A short visual happening with a friendly welcome from my friend Tony. You can just make out the sounds of Orbital in the background in this early experiment with digital fun in Final Cut Pro.

Final project for the Vassar College Summer Film Program. Originally edited with pseudo-synch sound (pressing play on the CD at the right time), it has now been digitally remastered. Sadly, the picture quality is a far cry from the original 16mm here. Great song though, you'll love it.

A documentary of the Vassar College Golf Course, set to the cheerful tune of a traditional Scottish march. This shocking documentary reveals the true nature of public courses (not a single ball gets sunk).

Directed by fellow filmmaker Ethan Borsuk, this sad tale of a man's final dream finds yours truly in the leading role. However, due to the graphic nature of the material, my mom will not want to watch this one.

This scintillating saga of safe sex is my personal favorite work to date. Once again, the film was edited the old fashioned way and then transferred to Mini DV and cleaned up in the non-linear fashion.

You'll need Quicktime to watch these. Click here if you don't have it (it works on Mac and PC).